Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Turkey Recipes

Cooked Turkey

Calling all cooks......

Have you ever asked your students about cooking a turkey?

Go ahead..... ask them.... and then you'll fall over laughing.  

Most students think you cook a turkey in an oven set to 15 degrees for only 30 minutes.  If only.....

Every year, my students write a recipe for a Thanksgiving turkey.  The less they know, the funnier the directions turn out to be.  

My students write a rough draft on notebook paper.  I edit them before they write a final draft on "fancy" stationary I created. 

Afterwards, I adhere it to brown construction paper and laminate.  I don't laminate a lot of things, but these are too cute to pass up!  Or, you could collect all the final drafts and create a class book titled, "Our Turkey Recipes."


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