Saturday, November 2, 2013

Drug-Free Week CONTINUED.......

(Click here for my post about "iTune Out Drugs.")

I wrote the word "Drugs" in a circle and made a web as we brainstormed all different types of drugs.  I'm always saddened at how much they already know about drugs.  I even tell them that medicine is a drug.  They are always shocked to hear about that.  

At the end of our brainstorming session, I tell them why people take drugs and why it's so hard for people to stop.  My message is clear- DON'T EVER TAKE DRUGS! 

We also discuss all the different reasons why drugs are BAD!

I always follow up with a great book called, "Smoking Stinks!" 

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  1. Would you mind sharing the ipod shuffle pdf? or letting me know where you downloaded it from. They look wonderful! Great idea!