Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Schema, Schema, Schema

        I recently had the pleasure of watching my reading coach, Mrs. Raffo, teach my students about schema.  She taught a phenomenal lesson using a graphic organizer and a nonfiction book about pumpkins.  The students and I were truly amazed by her talent!

      Fast forward to today when I had the opportunity to use this same graphic organizer with my students while reading a story about prairie dogs from our reading series. (2nd Grade Wonders Reading Series-Unit 2, Week 3) Every student was thoroughly engaged while searching for text evidence. I loved it!  I emphasized that we ONLY had to use complete sentences while writing our "Burning Questions."

*** I promise I really do have better handwriting than this!  Although it was an engaging lesson, I was in a bit of a time crunch because the students were not in school yesterday.  Too much to teach and not enough time!

Click here to grab your FREE copy of this graphic organizer.

My reading coach had a great idea to place this graphic organizer in a weekly literacy center.  Add a piece of informational text each week and you're all set!  

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