Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Fun

Purple Bat Wearing Witches Hat

Happy "Early" Halloween!

Are you looking for a fun, easy, and festive Halloween craft?  This activity takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.  My students have been creating these hanging jack-o-lanterns for as long as I can remember.  The students absolutely LOVE creating them!

Supplies needed for each student:
-large sheet of orange construction paper
-green strip (used to create handle)
- 1/2 sheet of black construction paper
- glue stick
- scissors

* The teacher will need a stapler.


1.  Students fold the orange construction paper in half lengthwise.  (the hotdog fold)

2.  Starting at the "fold", the students cut down from the crease to almost the end of the paper.  (I tell them to leave about an inch at the bottom.)

3.  Students continue to cut about one inch apart across the length of the orange paper.

4.  Unfold and Viola!  You will see the "body" of the hanging jack-o-lantern.

5.  Draw eyes, nose, and mouth on black construction paper.  Cut and glue on the orange pumpkin.

6.  Gently bend orange paper into the shape of the lantern until the paper overlaps.  Teacher should staple the pumpkin together at the top and bottom where it overlaps.

7.  Students write names on green strip of paper and either glue or staple it at the top of the pumpkin as a handle.

8.  Hang them up for everyone to see!

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