Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is it possible?

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Agatha and I'm proud to be a second grade teacher for the last sixteen years.  I've been creating my own worksheets since my first year of teaching because I wanted to use something cute and meaningful that truly assessed what I was teaching.

Back in the day, I used a word processing program called "ClarisWorks" on my first Mac.  I was excited to use the "Jester" font because it was so new and different.  Little did I know that I would turn into such a font diva. 

After all these years, I wonder if it's possible that people will buy my creations.  I'm constantly still creating worksheets to use with my curriculum and thought it was worth a try.

I'm currently using the following textbooks with my second graders.  I hope to start selling items I've created to compliment these textbooks.

Reading: Wonders (McGraw-Hill)

Math: Go Math! Florida (Houghton Mifflin)
Science: Discovery Education
Social Studies: Who We Are As Americans (McGraw-Hill)

So, I'm asking again.......... Is it possible?  I hope you agree that the answer is, "YES!"  I'm optimistic that I will have great success with my new venture in the world of "Teachers Pay Teachers."



  1. I JUST found all your storytown resources and you are deleting them in 4 days :( (I guess that means I will spend my day off on Thursday downloading and saving stuff to my computer). Thanks for putting everything together!

  2. At this point, I've decided not to delete my Power Points. I will start creating packets for each lesson to sell on TPT. These "packets" will have new worksheets that I had never posted in the past.