Sunday, September 29, 2013

Go Math!

I'm currently using Go Math! in my classroom.  I just finished Chapter 2- Numbers to 1,000 and wanted to share a "Study Pack" I created to go with that chapter.  

Click here to view my latest and greatest creation on TPT.  

I also wanted to share a fun idea you can use while teaching place value.  It's called "Place Value Pictures."  The students can create them during centers or during a whole group lesson.

Each student should have:
- one piece of construction paper 
- one glue stick
- one pair of scissors
- crayons
- one worksheet of base ten blocks (hundreds, tens, ones)

Or grab a copy in the "teacher resource" section
of your math textbook.

Tell students to create a picture using base ten blocks.  Tell students to cut out as many of the base ten blocks they will need to make their picture.  Glue the base ten blocks on the piece of construction paper and use crayons to embellish the picture.  In the top right corner, write the value of the "picture."

** Enrichment Idea:  
Tell students their picture must be valued between 300-400.  Or, the value of their picture must be less than 515.

Check back tomorrow for some examples!

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