Monday, January 20, 2014

What is Lobster Loot?

Years ago, one of my friends told me about "Maiolo Moola."  It was her version of classroom money.  She ran copies of fake money and inserted her picture in the center. I loved the idea, so I came up with Lobster Loot. (After all, my students are known as "Lee's Lobsters.")

Lobster Loot is our classroom currency.  Students earn this pretend money and spend it on a variety of different rewards.

I keep a basket of Lobster Loot near my desk.  When a student earns money, the student has to.....

- write his/her name on it.
- write the date.
- write the reason he/she earned the Lobster Loot.

Afterwards, the student places it on my desk.  Later in the day, I check over it to make sure the student is telling the truth.  I quickly add my signature and pass it back to the student.  

I tell students to keep their Lobster Loot somewhere safe.  Most students keep it in their pencil box.  Some students keep it in their backpacks.

I do NOT replace lost Lobster Loot. I do NOT accept Lobster Loot unless it has a student name  on it and my signature.  In addition, students are not allowed to share Lobster Loot.

The ONLY time I take away Lobster Loot is if a student doesn't complete his/her nightly homework.  (Check back soon for a post about "missing homework.")

My kiddos thoroughly enjoy earning AND spending Lobster Loot.

Now you might be wondering.....

"How do students earn Lobster Loot?"

A student can earn $1 of Lobster Loot in many ways.

1.  Be chosen as Student of the Week.
2.  Receive PERFECT ATTENDANCE for one week. 
     * The child must be on time and not leave early!
3.  Receive 100% on a Spelling Test.
4.  Bring in 10 BOXTOPS.
5.  Receive 100%  on a Reading Counts Quiz.
6.  Receive three "Cool Compliments" in one week.

* In addition, I give out $1 of Lobster Loot for special treats.

Here is a list of rewards they can spend their money on.  

Pen Privileges (1 Day) $10

Line Leader Privileges (1 day) $15

Lunch with a friend (1 day)  $20

Lunch with a friend (1 week)   $40 

“Free Choice” Seating (1 week) $50

Lunch with Mrs. Lee $75

** Don't forget.......The ONLY way a child will lose Lobster Loot is if the student does not complete his/her nightly homework.  

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