Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to School

Do you ever wonder what to do with all those classroom supplies on the first day of school?  A few years ago, my sweet friend Donna shared her secret to success and it’s been magic ever since!

          The students rotate to three different “centers” on the first day.  You guessed it… of those “centers” is the teacher table.  Let me explain.  I split the students into three groups and each group completes each center.  (about 15 minutes per center)  Read center descriptions below.

1.  Mrs. Lee Center- Students meet me at the kidney-shaped table with their backpacks.  The students take EVERYTHING out of their backpacks and place on the table.  From there, I hold up an example of the supply I want and instruct them where to place it.  There is no more “Where does this go?” or “What I am supposed to do with this?”  Or, my favorite, “I don’t have that.”  (which, in reality means they didn’t know it was actually in their backpack)  It’s such a small group that I’m able to help sort through everything and they actually like helping the person next to them sort through everything.  Plus, I can answer any questions they have about their “stuff.”

2.  All About Me Center- Students stay at their desk and create an “All About Me” banner.  


3.  First Day of Second Grade Center- Students color a simple sign about their first day.  Later, I take a picture of the student holding that sign and use that picture in a yearbook movie I create at the end of the year.  

I also send home a "mini" award at the end of their first day.  I use scotch tape to attach a Starburst to the middle of the star.  (Or, sometimes I’m just lazy and give them the Starburst with the award.)

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